Database ID 627

Database ID 627
Title The Koori Tobacco Cessation Project
Description This project evaluated a tobacco cessation strategy that was conducted over a period of 18 months. Quit smoking programs, including subsidised nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), information and tobacco cessation counseling were offered to Indigenous people living in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions of New South Wales, Australia.

Status Archived

Andy Mark
Iris McLeod
Julie Booker
Craig Ardler

Keywords smoking; cessation; tobacco; aborigines; nicotine replacement therapy; New South Wales
Methodology The project conducted needs analysis with Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) on tobacco cessation. The results of this indicated that there was a lack of information and support to assist Indigenous community members to make a cessation attempt. To address this, professional development was offered to AHWs and tobacco cessation programs offered, primarily through the participating Aboriginal Medical Services. Each group ran for four weeks (n=22), with participants (n=115) receiving 3 weeks of NRT free of charge. Participants completed pre and post program surveys and were contacted at 3 months to determine abstinence. The results of this study were published in the Health Promotion Journal of Australia 2004: 15 (3).

The Tobacco Cessation Program has been sustained and is ongoing at the Illawarra Aboriginal Medical Service’s Substance Misuse Program. Due to a position vacancy at South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service the program there is currently dormant.
Institution National Heart Foundation. New South Wales Division
Collaborating institutions

Illawarra Health
Illawarra Aboriginal Medical Service
South Coast Aboriginal Medical Service

Funding $40,000
Start Date 03-2001
End Date 09-2002
Name Andy Mark
Phone (02) 4255 2230
Fax (02) 4255 2222
Note Funded study is complete, with ongoing programs in operation at participating AMSs

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Smoking and tobacco -> Smoking pharmacotherapy -> Nicotine replacement therapy (10)
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